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Digital Surveys

Bills - Quantities Structural Engineer Reports

Full bills of quantities using electronic wessex estimating system to take off our drawings or your own. Can section by labour cost only,materials cost only,Hours only, Cost only.

Structural engineer reports for our drawings or for your own project.

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- A measured building survey service with drawing software.

All licensed premises in England and Wales must convert to the new Premises License in order to comply with the Licensing Act 2003. Final license applications must be submitted with full drawings to achieve the new requirement. Every application must include a plan of the premises, drawn to a scale of  min 1:100, showing the following:

v      The location & extent of the building, if relevant, and any internal & external walls which comprise the premises .

v      The location of exits & escape routes and there illumination

v      The locations of the licensable activities (e.g. dance floor or gaming machines snooker tables card tables.

v      Fixed structures (including furniture) or similar objects temporarily in a fixed position which may impact on the ability of individuals to exit the premises and for emergency services entering..

v      Height & location of stages, stairs and other forms of access .

v      The location & type of fire safety & other safety equipment including alarms and communication.

v      The location of a kitchen and cleaning storage, if any on the premises

   Our Service is designed to help your busness comply with these strict new regulations. Thiscan also be in 3D, in paper or CD format.

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